Guidelines on Carrying Out an Asbestos Survey

09 Apr

The mineral asbestos was once referred to as a magic mineral which was tagged as an important element in construction projects and some consumer goods. However as time went by, a lot came out about the dangers caused by the fiber in asbestos and the resistant fibers found in electricity and heat. Asbestos was at first mixed with cloth, paper, plastic, cement among other substances to add to the qualities of insulation and tensile strength. However due to is the high level of toxicity, in 2000, asbestos lost its popularity. Asbestos is capable of resisting fire and is durable and was once used on commercial jobs and construction.

Asbestos has diverse effects on the human body because it causes major complications in most body organs like the abdomen, lungs and the heart. That is why in the UK testing of asbestos is extensively conducted to assess asbestos presence in various products. Some companies still use asbestos to manufacture no wonder it is good to often do regular assessments. Carrying out asbestos tests can be done by professionals who have the knowledge and equipment to check in either school environment, workplace, homes, and even vehicles. Check to learn more.

There is a new survey guide on asbestos published under the Health and Safety Guide. It is a document compiled by persons and surveyors who are responsible for the management and detection of materials that contain asbestos both in domestic and non-domestic properties. This document states the legal positions and requirements for assigned individuals like surveyors, duty holders, estate and building managers and the measure to be taken to select the effective contractor. It further guides on what is expected in the asbestos report. Check for more info.

The asbestos survey has phased out some points in the guide and only recognizes the management asbestos survey making it a requirement for non-domestic properties that were constructed before year 2000. The survey includes a demolition and refurbishment survey that is needed before any work can commence. This is inclusive as simple jobs like refurbishing bathrooms, kitchen or other projects round a home. Visit for other references.

The report shows how specialists can go about detecting the complications caused by asbestos using pictures and color-coded arrows to pick the gray areas through devices enabling sale and purchase of property to be sensibly done. A refurbishment asbestos survey is done by people who can decide if the building should be pulled down to ensure that the equipment and labors are protected.

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